Various Writings 

Chapter One

These films are extracts from Various Writings: Chapter One, a performative lecture at the 8th International Conference on Artistic Research, SAR Please Specify which was held on 28 & 29 April, 2017 at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Chapter One presents a selection of the acts of writing, observational texts, images and objects that constitute our research, serving to break down these activities and present the terms and conditions employed as a framework for activity. Focusing on the gestural and using Vilém Flusser’s concept of ‘pseudo writing’, it is an analysis of the interaction between the physical actions and the technologies of writing.

The three filmed workshops and performed acts of writing comment on the scribbled, digital and personal universes of writing. The body is revealed as a golden thread that connects these different areas of research.

Performances and workshops by Maria Christoforidou, Lizzie Ridout and Dion Star.
For more info: Ruukku Issue 8 – Various Writings: Chapter One

Performance (left): Various Lines, Sea of Text
Workshop (right): Various Lines by Axi-Draw

Performance (left): Text Landscape
Workshop (right): Authorship Gestures (Third Hand)

Performance (left): Writing Gaps; Curves, Holes and Darts
Workshop (right): Unencumbered Gestures

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