Artist, Designer & Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator, Lecturer, events promoter, superstar dj, t-shirt maker, record shop owner, music video accounts guy, credit controller, barman, door-to-door salesman, temp, flower picker, box packer, stainless steel fabricator.
Dion Star MA is an artist and designer whose primary focus is on exploring potential critical and creative ‘ways of operating’ through the habitual use of constraints as a conceptual framework.

Dion has a rich and varied background including significant experience in music events management, running a screen-printing business and owning an independent record shop. He has maintained his own professional practice as an Independent Designer for the last 15 years providing creative direction for communication, film and identity projects. His studio practice has centred around collaboration, opening up opportunities to work with film directors, sound designers, writers, poets & other artists.

His work has been exhibited at (amongst others) The Royal College of Art (London, UK), Newlyn Art Gallery and The Eden Project (Cornwall, UK). He has delivered conference papers, lectures and workshops – on the creative process and sharing artistic practice – in Denmark, Finland and Germany as well as at home in the UK.

Dion has been a Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University within the School of Communication Design since 2011, working to explore connections between people and process to help enable both new ‘works’ and new models of ‘making’.

As well as his own practice, Dion is the co-author (with Andy Neal) of the book Creativity Begins With You –published by Laurence King Publishing.
Selected recent papers, workshops & exhibitions:

July. 2017; Various Writings: Chapter Two. MIX2017 - Writing Digital. Conference Paper. Bath Spa University.
May. 2017; Rethinking Graphic Design Process. Conference Paper. ReDo Cumulus 2017 . Design School Kolding and Cumulus International / Denmark. ISBN 9788793416154
April. 2017; Various Writings: Chapter One. Conference Paper. University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.
Nov. 2016; Störung Workshop & Lecture. WERKWOCHE: International Design Week, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Faculty of Design.

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