Artist, Writer, Designer & Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator, Lecturer, events promoter, superstar dj, t-shirt maker, record shop owner, music video accounts guy, credit controller, barman, door-to-door salesman, temp, flower picker, box packer, stainless steel fabricator.
Dion Star MA is an artist, writer and musician, and since 2011, has served as a Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University’s Faculty of Creatives Arts & Communication. In this role, he explores the intersections between people and processes, nurturing the development of innovative approaches to creative practice.

With a diverse background encompassing music event management, running a screen- printing business, and owning an independent record shop, Dion brings a wealth of experience to his practice. He created the poster artwork and film titles for feature films ‘Bait’ & ‘Enys Men’ and co-authored (with Andy Neal) the book Creativity Begins With You – published by Laurence King Publishing / Quercus. 

In 2024, Dion founded Dyski, a platform that offers residential arts, music, and writing workshops in Cornwall. These workshops include grant assisted free places and aim to nurture creativity, emphasising community support and the spirit of giving back.

Dion’s work has been showcased in exhibitions at The Royal College of Art (London, UK), Newlyn Art Gallery, and The Eden Project (Cornwall, UK). He has also shared his insights and artistic practices through conference papers, lectures, and workshops in Denmark, Finland, Germany, and his home country, the UK, focusing on the creative process and fostering artistic exchange.

His primary research focus revolves around exploring potential critical and creative 'ways of operating' through the habitual use of constraints as a conceptual framework. Other varied research interests include; the creative process, play & innovation in pedagogy, writing machines + the act of writing, and the interplay between sound and visual communication.

In his current practice, Dion embraces cross-disciplinary fields and incorporates sound, moving-image and design. Additionally, he makes music with The Cornish Sound Unit, a collaborative music project with Mark Jenkin. Together, they create improvised and composed pieces using tape machines, analogue synths, feedback, and field recordings.
Selected work, research, workshops, performances & exhibitions:

May 2023; ENYS MEN Live Score at BFI
Jul 2022; Creativity Begins With You.
Laurence King Publishing

Feb–Apr. 2020; Gorthwedh Type Benches: part of a public art project funded by Arts Council England, commissioned by The National Trust.
July. 2017; Various Writings: Chapter Two. MIX2017 - Writing Digital. Conference Paper. Bath Spa University.
May. 2017; Rethinking Graphic Design Process. Conference Paper. ReDo Cumulus 2017 . Design School Kolding and Cumulus International / Denmark. ISBN 9788793416154
April. 2017; Various Writings: Chapter One. Conference Paper. University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.
Nov. 2016; Störung Workshop & Lecture. WERKWOCHE: International Design Week, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Faculty of Design.

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