Benzanoe Magazine Issue 65
A process workshop with Dion Star.

10 students* (from stage one Graphic Design at Falmouth University) collaborated over a 3 day period to design Benzanoe #65.

They were asked to set the agenda by stating what they were hoping to gain from the three day workshop. They discussed Benzanoe's history† and were exposed to Walter Leachman's original manifesto‡ from 1914. The group then distilled this history into a new set of brand values and designed the magazine around the central idea of documenting their whole process (borrowing, then adapting the traditional design process to form 4 distinct sections: Define, Discover, Develop, Deliver).

Content for #65 had been previously collected based on this theme.

The Future
Is Only
Present Hope

With contributions submitted by:

Becca Allen, Tom Baker, Elise Boularan, Paul Cummings, Kieran Haynes, Charles Jay, Mark Jenkin, John Kerrison, Anna Maria Murphy, Jane Pugh, Beau Scott, Carolyn Shapiro, Oliver Udy.
Sam Bennett
Rachel Chambers
David Davies
Jon Epps
Malin Persson Jarskar
Adam Peacock
John Primmer
Helen Salter
Catherine Jane Swan
Simi Zeko

Walter Leachman originally formed Benzanoe Magazine in 1914. He then went on to produce 62 issues of the little known journal, which regularly explored both the process and practice of creativity.

In 2011, 98 years on from it's first issue, the magazine was re-launched adding another chapter to it's history. The reigns have been passed onto a group of forward thinking designers, artists, thinkers, writers and image makers, yet the magazine's manifesto remains the same.

“Harnessing the spirit of the dawn, and with heads full of utopian dreams, we go in search of Benzanoe. Forever correcting our course, with no accordance with commission or compromise. Ignoring the lag between memory and vision, we continue. Though we may never find it, imagine what we will create along the way.”